Summerville Agates Rockhounding Trip


Tommy: that was so much a fun - forever near the top of my list of campfire fun nights. I'm surprised we weren't locking arms and singing Freebird... or were we? Nov 17, 2017 13:50:57 GMT -5
rockpickerforever: , maybe we did ??? I'm a little bit foggy on the details, lol. Just remember forcing shots of Fireball on you. Can you forgive me? I stay the heck away from that stuff now, it causes blackouts! (passout) Nov 17, 2017 14:07:00 GMT -5
Rockoonz: Fireball? Yuch, I sniffed the cap once, that was enough. Nov 17, 2017 14:12:58 GMT -5
Rockoonz: Peppermint Schnaps on the other hand... Nov 17, 2017 14:13:34 GMT -5
alikat218: rocknoonz -Now youre talking! (agree) Nov 17, 2017 14:17:24 GMT -5 *
1dave: Someone broke into a man's apartment, took nothing but left it spick and span. -The police suspect his mother. Nov 17, 2017 22:51:21 GMT -5
Wooferhound: Can you ID the items that are missing ? Nov 18, 2017 9:43:38 GMT -5
TheRock: I thought said they took nothing? (what) Nov 18, 2017 15:31:14 GMT -5
Wooferhound: Pizza boxes, Beer cans, Cigarette ashes, Couch lent, Kitchen garbage, Etc. Nov 18, 2017 19:36:58 GMT -5
TheRock: Geeez all the good stuff!! Nov 18, 2017 21:50:05 GMT -5
mohs: dang! they cleaned him out! Nov 19, 2017 7:15:22 GMT -5
tbvet3: If someone took my dust bunnies I'd cry. (cry5) Nov 19, 2017 7:41:42 GMT -5
Wooferhound: I have been working for decades on my Dust Bunny Collection, at this point it is priceless Nov 19, 2017 8:22:08 GMT -5
1dave: I stand corrected. Belly button lint, toe jam, . . . Nov 19, 2017 9:22:20 GMT -5
fishnpinball: My living room is full of rocks, can't let my mother come over.... Nov 19, 2017 12:19:08 GMT -5
1dave: "That gravity should be innate inherent & essential to matter so yt one body may act upon another at a distance through a vacuum wthout the mediation of any thing else by & through wch their action or force may be conveyed from one to another is to me so Nov 19, 2017 13:42:11 GMT -5
1dave: so great an absurdity that I believe no man who has in philosophical matters any competent faculty of thinking can ever fall into it." – Isaac Newton Nov 19, 2017 13:42:17 GMT -5
Fossilman: So Dave,I will crack open a cold one and think about that! LOL Ponder the idea,as they say.....Probably take a nap after all that thinking too.. Nov 19, 2017 15:27:05 GMT -5
Wooferhound: There is No Gravity, the Earth just Sucks Nov 19, 2017 15:49:31 GMT -5
fishnpinball: Does that mean a blowhard can reach orbit? Nov 19, 2017 21:06:00 GMT -5