DIY Projects by Rock Tumbling Hobby Forum members

The following are highlighted forum posts of do-it-yourself lapidary machine projects, or useful devices created by RTH forum members over the years. If you post and finish a new project, or find a previously created project post you feel belongs on these pages please bring it to our attention so we can add it.

In order to qualify for this page a DIY project thread must clearly show in pictures a working example of the creation. Works in progress will remain as posts until they reach completion and become eligible for enshrinement on this page. The most desirable DIY project posts are those with photos and text describing the project as it progresses from start to finish.

Rock Tumblers

Posted by: MrP


Rock Polishers

Flat Laps

Posted by: Roger
Posted by: Tommy
Posted by: scottyh
Posted by: djaxon

Rock Saws


Sphere Machines


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