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by woodman
Got my
care package from Utah today. It will be fun learning how to clean it up. I got 40 lbs of it!

by illusionist
Beautiful batch! Great photos!
by ardri
Thanks for the GREAT responses!

rockpickerforever: Those beads are a really nice find, thanks for sharing. Hehe they're actually a wee bit to big,.055in is about 1.3mm, but I can pick some up to experiment with.

jamesp: saved in info and thanks for the pic. This looks like it is probably the most sensible way to get it done and a good way to get started before I start going all mad scientist on it. :D
by rockindad
To me, his Greatest Hits Album is one of the most incredible collections of recorded music ever put out. I have a simple request- when Al Green comes on in the car all conversations must stop. 


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You're in the jungle baby
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