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by rockindad
I rarely weigh any barrels, bowls, etc. but any time I have I am well over the listed capacity, never been an issue. Fill to 75% +/- and the weight is what it is. Cannot diagnose your issue with that info but if the grinding is coming from the motor contact the seller ASAP. Assuming belt and pulley is fine. If your determined to weigh, the first scale in that range that comes to mind would be a shipping/receiving scale like this: www.amazon.com/Update-International-UP-9100-Shipping-Receiving/dp/B000X1M2Y8?th=1. 

RockTumbler.com has many Thumler parts in stock including the Model B liner. Just curious, did you wear yours out? Our older Model B is going on three years old and has never stopped running, the liner hardly has a scratch in it. Nothing against the Lortone (we also have a QT-66) but we love our Model B's, with the exception of the thin lid gaskets, but replacements are readily available or you can make your own.
by stephan
RWA3006 Avatar
What a shame. People can be such jerks.

Makes me think that when (if) I eventually set up my coprolite museum I should put some radioactive coprolites out as bait for any potential thieves. Gives new meaning to hot shiit.

Yep. Some people seem to struggle with the concept of “not mine.”
by drocknut
Those are all beauties. I love Botswana Agates especially with the paralax in them.
by drocknut
Welcome to the forum from south central Arizona

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