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by felrock
Bob Avatar
felrock. what kind of rocks are those? They look shockingly like a type of chert that is common in northern Texas and western Oklahoma. Except for a couple of bright white ones.

Well they do look like chert, but I can assure you that they are agate since most of them all come from a big piece of crazy laced agate I bought from a mine. I broke them down a bit. Although the only thing that was surrounding the agate was some pieces of brecciated jasper.

In the picture I shown as a reply to my thread, there are a lot more rocks since I decided to go with the idea of adding rocks. So I added what I could find. So in there, there's agates, brecciated jasper, quartz, smoky quartz, orange Calcite and some Sodalite.

None of it is chert to confirm, I do know and can clearly identify by myself all the rocks in there. As they show lots of characteristics of the rocks I've listed above. Plus, that those we're all separated from the beginning and never was planned to be together. 
by jasoninsd
- Welcome to the forum from South Dakota! :) I think it's awesome that not only did you get your grandson excited about this hobby, but I think it's equally wonderful that the excitement was reciprocal! :)

- Robin, give me some more time...I'll definitely ask you a dumb question! (Trust me! LOL)

- Don, I must be doing something totally wrong, because I haven't pedaled once in this hobby! (Oh wait...does back-pedaling on the forum count! LOL)
by jasoninsd
Welcome to the forum from South Dakota! :)

Awesome legacy to continue. I liked the reading the history. :)

I've tumbled a few fist sized pieces and they're extremely satisfying when they're done! I look forward to seeing your results! :)
by jasoninsd
stewdogg Avatar
jasoninsd Avatar
Thanks Jesse! :)

Those three really took an amazing polish...probably some of the best I've done so far. :)

I'm not going to lie...it's going to be SOOOOO hard to let any of those three go! I may have to eeny-meeny-miney-mo it  to select one to keep as a "display only" piece and sell the other two! LOL
You just need to find some Teepees you like more, so you're able to let some of these amazing samples go.

I was thinking I might go out later this week. But I may put it off until the beginning of next week. Either way, I'm headed back up there soon. I haven't been out hounding in awhile...and I'm itching to get out and hound again! I thought about going down to Fairburn, but I think I hear Teepee Canyon calling me! :D

stephan Avatar
Awesome work, as usual. Not sure I would be able part with any of them. Great that you have the three in one thread, for people to be able to compare and contrast.

— maybe worth a sticky as a tutorial?

Thanks Stephan! :)

I thought it might be kind of cool to see the three different "cousins" in one thread. Rather than doing a sticky, I think Mel () made a thread awhile back comparing the three different materials and I could post the pics into his thread so there's a visual distinction available...if he's okay with that. Then Mel's thread could be a sticky as his thread has more information in it...if admin thinks it's warranted of course. ;)

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