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by lparsons
Well, like others have already said,”I see no problem here”🤣 Those are some amazing rocks!
by RWA3006
stefan Avatar
So glad you figured it out. I lost my mom this past winter due to medical stupidity. Long and short of it was over prescription of none necessary medication. She ended up with kidney failure, and after 5 years of dialysis and constant c-dif infections her body just gave out. I refuse to take any prescriptions until I have researched the hell out of it.

Yep, I've had a couple prescriptions backfire on me because of pill pushing doctors that will spew out prescriptions willy nilly. I had to figure it out myself and when I told them about the complications and side effects they gazed at me incredulously as if I were speaking some gibberish dialect.

Research side effects diligently before hand! Just hop on the net and do a search.
by lparsons
Looking great! I hope you post more pics when they are done🤗
by irlcjrohr
stefan Avatar
THumlers 12 Lb barrel is 5 and 3/4" diameter and 7 and 3/8 inches high (inside dimensions)
5 and 3/4" diameter and 7 and 3/8 inches high is 191.5 cubic inches or .1108 cubic feet
The mixer is 11.28 times the volume of the 12 lb barrel.  9 tablespoons for the barrel  would be 101.5 for the mixer or 6.35 cups.

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