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by jasoninsd
jasperfanatic Avatar
Love these! I'm a sucker for orange and those deliver!
Thank you so much! :)

I'm really partial to all the red tones in most of these. However, add a little yellow into the mix and "BAM" the orange tones come out...and then I become partial to orange! :D
by stephan
There has to be a cabbing corollary to Mike Tyson's, " everyone has a plant 'till they get punched in the mouth." After that, it's all in how you roll with it, and you rolled admirably. Had you not stated that there were issues, I never would have guessed. That yellow thread in #s 2 and 3 is something else!
by jasperfanatic
Love these! I'm a sucker for orange and those deliver!
by callmerob
This is the water-thin super glue I use. It is a lot wetter than liquid super glue. Sold on Amazon by Pen Kit Mall for those who make ink pens from exotic hardwoods. It saturates the wood and plasticizes it.

Oops.  Don't know what happened to that image.  Let's try that again...

Oops again.  Better picture, but photo of the thick version.  Amazon link below is to the right glue.  Duh, Robbie.

Amazon link...


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