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by txmedic

6 year old daughter got me into rock hounding and tumbling and now I'm addicted so here I am. We live here in E. Texas where there are no rocks lol. Looking to relocate to Arkansas within the next year.
by dirtsifter
The day before Thanksgiving, the Lot-o tumbler I ordered arrived at my house but I had already left to be with family on Thanksgiving....then off to work for three days (I'm an RN traveler so I don't work around home. Tomorrow  morning  when I get home I finally get to see it and rub it like a Genie . I have the cement blocks to mount it to and cement to fill the voids in the blocks. Now having a back that prohibits lifting heavy awkward things, is it possible to mount the vibrating tumbler on a set of those harbor freight furniture movers  that have wheels without messing up the vibratory action. You know, so I can move it around  so say I can easily move it if the wife does not like the sound it makes where its situated?  Sorry, a little sleep impaired at present .Hope I got some tootsie rolls . The grandchildren love them as I show the goodies, umm important machines I received. Exlax and flannel slacks I'm excited. I thought it would be at least a few years until  I obtained a Lot-O vibratory tumbler.
by dirtsifter
Hi Mike, Welcome from central New York! Always interested in rock hounding reports. Probably why I watch Currently Rockhounding on youtube. I'll probably never make it to the west coast but I find it fascinating nevertheless.
by dirtsifter
vance71975 Avatar
brifly1 Avatar
Hi guys first of all I’d like to start by introducing myself im brian from Edinburgh Scotland and until a few months ago the only tumbled I know of was what I drink mg later out of to say I’m a complete novice would be an understatement but I jumped in and got myself a little tumbler and some quartz and quartzite any tips or information on both rocks would be amazing as would any input and info on rock tumbling in general. My grits I have just say stage 1,2,3,4 I’ve read a through threads on here where the guys are discussing grits/media and it just looks like numbers and letters to me I’m genuinely lost and itching to start tumbling but I don’t want to ruin the rocks or the wee tumbler I’m going to use for my first ever tumble cycle , thanks in advance and hope yous all have a great day
My biggest piece of advice would be find a source in Scotland for the following if you can.

Stage 1 - 60/90 Silicon carbide
Stage 2 - 120/220 Silicon Carbide
Stage 3 - 500 Aluminum Oxide
Stage 4 - 1 or 2 Micron Aluminum Oxide Or Tin Oxide. Basically the Finest Aluminum or tin oxide you can find.

Most "grit packs" that come with tumblers dont include a real polish, they normally have like 1000 or 1200 Aluminum Oxide which is really a pre-polish and wont quite get you the wet mirror shine that you would get with a 1 or 2 micron Aluminum oxide. You should be able to tumble  quartz and quartzite together without a problem. If you got one of the national geographic style tumblers with 3 or more speed settings do all stages on speed 1. Dont dump your slurry from your rocks down ANY drain in the house it will turn to cement in your pipes and end up costing a fortune in plumbing repairs.

The problem with the grit packs they sell that are just labled stage 1,2,3,4 is that they never give you enough stage 1 and they neglect to tell you that you most likely will need to run stage 1 more than once to get the rocks smooth enough to move on to stage 2. Depending on the rock type you can be spending 2 weeks on stage one, up to a year on stage 1 with really tough agates. Stage 1 is the only stage you should have to repeat, once you get the rocks where you are happy with how smooth and defect free they are, you can just to 7 days on each stage 2-4. Some people Burnish between stages, which means they clean out the slurry, add water and either borax or a drop or 2 of dish soap, seal it up and run it a few hours to overnight. If you do this, same as slurry dont dump it down any drain in the house.

You typically change your grit or add new grit every 5 to 7 days on stage 1. Some people drain rinse and start stage 1 over with new water and grit every 5 to 7 days until all nicks, gouges,scratches are gone, and some people like me, just check the rocks every 5 to 7 days and add new grit in with the slurry without doing a full clean out. When you do buy grit, buy 7 times as much stage 1 as the rest becuse that is the stage you have to repeat until smooth and defect free.

Funny Side note, My Nephew actually Lives in Edinburgh Scotland so if you happen to run into a 6ft 7in tall American with long hair and a Scraggly beard tell him his uncle said Hi lol.

Any questions feel free to ask. What tumbler do you have, as in what brand?
Hey ,  that was pretty good advice, well presented.  Good job.    Look up youtube channel Michigan Rocks aka here. He has some very good tutorials to get you started. I know because he got me started with the power of knowledge.  

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