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by bgoodz
Thank You for taking the time and posting the pics of the attachment. I appreciate it.
by khara
I did wonder about your girdle height having to be the radius of a Sharpie. This looks like it requires coordination, or a third hand. :-) Are you holding the Sharpie at the top center of the ruler where the little divot is and then both holding the square and also spinning the cab with the other hand?
by jasoninsd

Close! ;)

I do it like this, so I can dial it in to the exact girdle height I want...

by Rockoonz
here is the add on I mentioned, don't think they make it anymore, but the concept could be applied to any lap.
Pic 13 and 14 in this old thread, I can't get MY pics back from P-bucket it seems.
OK figured it out I think

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