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by lapidary1234
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Once I post videos of going 80 to 1,000 grit hard to hard. I suspect many people that care about time (or at least that see $70 for the wheel as cheap) will be ordering 1000 grit.

I'm I'm hoping BA will make a 1000 grit, maybe if there's enough demand they will since I like their quality as I've only ever found 1k grit on Amazon usually 1 inch width instead of 1.5 inch
I tried your 1000 grit method long ago. It worked well but diamond wheels were very expensive then and demand for my cabs was low so I developed other more economical techniques. I may try it again when the need arises.

You can find 800 and 1200  x 1.5 inch plated wheels at Treasure Hong Kong <https://www.thk.hk> for $49 plus shipping. I think the total is around $65. I've used their wheels for years and like them a lot. Maybe those gits will work for you.

Hey I've been eyeing up the the site lately as well...esp their magnetic flat laps. How long did their shipping time take from when you placed your order until they arrived?

Mo jan also has cheaper magnetic wheels but I've heard his shipping is quite costly.

For everyone else commenting in this thread, it seems the more I learn about cabbing the more it seems that the standard wheel progression may work just fine although there are better sequences once you have the general feel.

I also bought a custom order 8x3" sintered wheel from Baltic Abrasive. Heads up for anyone considering doing this....aside from being very expensive, an 8x3 sintered wheel is two 1.5" wheels welded (or fused) together resulting in a much wider mounting area (close to 2"). My raytech machine just barely fits it (need to use a jam nut). In retrospect i should have probably ordered a 30 grit as my intentions are to use it to hog off material fast. The 60 grit BA wheel cuts more like a 100 grit galaxy id suppose (seems slower than an 80 grit galaxy).

My plan is to invest in either a 60 or 80 grit hex wheel along with a 46 grit magnetic endplate. I am hoping to go from 60 grit hex to 60 grit sintered, followed by the polysint 120 grit (whenever they come back in stock). I've read that you can go from the 120 grit polysint wheel to 280 nova with great results but I've also been tossing around the idea of going to a 600 or 1000 grit hard wheel.

From the final hard wheel, I've read about great success in dropping back to a lower grit soft wheel (60 or 140 grit nova) and then proceeding on normal...

One thing g that's a saving grace for me is the fact that the genie can spin an extra right hand adapter quickly!

The other method that may or may not speed up the overall time csbbing that im surprised no one else has mentioned is throwing your preforms in a vibe tumbler...

So far I've only ever experimented with throwing finished cabs in the vibe using rapid polish #61 (75,000 grit equivalent). I've had great results with this method and id suppose one could add preforms into a vibe starting at 220 even and finish them that way.

Lmk your thoughts, thanks!

by Pat
Happy birthday! Enjoy!
Do it again next year.
by demihuman
Maybe it’s eBay jade?

Here’s a more dry picture with some broken bits
by pebblesky
RickB Avatar
Saw some on Ebay that looked like that described as "Big Sur Botryoidal Nephrite Jade Green Ocean Polish Bubble Gem Stone Monterey CA"
Guess they are trying to add as many keywords as possible so the chance of being found by search increases.

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