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by drocknut
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drocknut Avatar
When I'm not braided, my hair goes to about my low back, not quite to my butt. It desperately needs a trim though. With my mom passing and everything I haven't had a chance to make an appointment.
Diane , I'm sure you know I haven't spent much time on RTH since December.  I didn't want to come right out and ask, I thought that your mom had probably passed.  My condolences to you.

My mom passed in March  2018, and my MIL a few years before that.  Now I have no one to ask to braid my hair, and no way in heck I can do it myself.

But my dad is still kicking!  He will be 95 in July.  I've only seen him twice since I got out of the hospital, need to see him more often while he is still with us.  Will make a point of visiting before I have my surgery on Jun 22, next week!

Thank you Jean, yes, my mother passed away in the end of April this year. Thank you for your kind words.
My condolences to you too on your own mother's passing and your MIL too. Glad to hear that your dad is still with us. Definitely make it a point to visit him before your surgery, ya never know what the future holds or how long you have left with your dad. I was thinking my mother would outlast me but unfortunately that was not to be.
Hope your surgery goes well.
Sending prayers and healing vibes,
by susand24224
Starguy Avatar

I try to find small agates for filler instead of ceramic media. By small, I’m estimating 50-100 pieces per pound. At least with small agates, there’s a chance they’ll turn out attractive. Agates in general are much easier to polish than crystalline rocks like amethyst or garnet. It’s been a little hit or miss but Kingsley North often has small Lake Superior Agates. I like them but any smaller size rocks will work.

My knowledge says that there are two *main* factors in tumbling, hardness and brittleness. Since amethyst is brittle and agates aren't, I'm thinking that using agates as filler with amethyst may not be such a great idea. BUT--I've never tried it, and I would be happy to hear that I am wrong!
by chris1956
Welcome from Missouri.  You might let everyone know where you are from.  They may have suggestions on where you can pick up local material to "practice on" that you wouldn't have to pay for.   That's what I did and it gave me a wide range of material to figure out what worked for what before paying a lot of money for other rocks.   
by chris1956
Very nice!  What are the orangish ones with the squiggly white inclusions?   

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