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by rocknrob
Good morning! I'm Robert, a motion graphic designer near the Seattle area and I've rekindled a love of rockhounding that has been dormant since I was in my teens. All I had back then was an old sears rock tumbler and a whole lot of rocks I found on the beach. Several decades later I've rediscovered the hobby and have since acquired many more rocks as well as a Loretone 33B tumbler, a Hi Tech flat lap and a Highland Park 10" SS trim/slab saw. I'm also a member of the Kitsap Gem & Mineral club.

I'm learning still how to make good cabs but the patience required to do so on a flat lap eludes me. As I'm learning, I'm finding some nice rocks to slab up on my saw and in the meantime I hope to help pay for my hobby by selling slab related items on the internet and ultimately cabs so I could get a 14-18" slab saw so I could... help pay for my hobby by selling rock related items.
I would love to eventually try making intarsia and trying other things in lapidary as I develop more patience to work with this substance that is occasionally even more stubborn than I am.

     - Rob
by dshanpnw
khara Avatar
It just occurred to me I’ll have to go back to my super glue dop method for this one. I switched to wax a while back and love it. I’m always worried the nail polish remover soak might damage the stone somehow and the torch heating method I’m worried about cracking the stone as I have only a small bit of nail protruding from my dop stick handles. But… at the same time this is sort of a blessing in disguise as I just found that I’d left my dop pot on for like… 3 weeks.😬 So now my wax is literally burnt and hard as a rock and I need to figure out how to chip it out and start over with it.🤨
I printed out a small sign and put it on the door that leads from my garage to the house, "did you forget the dop pot?!", and I still leave it turned on.

by dshanpnw
Wow, wow, those are superb! Great shine and the blue lace and Ohio Flint are magnificent. Thanks for sharing.
by dshanpnw
Welcome from Washington. I'd love to go to Lavic, I've heard and seen so much from there.

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