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by hypodactylus
stefan Avatar
500 looks like finer powder. This looks like 120/220 to me


It is a little tough to tell from the photo of wet grit, but your grit looks more grainy (like 120/220) and less powdery (like 500).

Keep in mind that 120/220 is 'ungraded', covers a range of grit sizes, and has the potential to vary from batch to batch.
Maybe your Rock Shed batch was more concentrated near the 120 end of the spectrum and your Kingsley North batch is more concentrated towards the 220 end of the spectrum.
by mgroothuis
stefan Avatar
500 looks like finer powder. This looks like 120/220 to me
That's where I wish I could take a photo of the two side-by-side. This seems so much finer. I've never had grit "melt" into the top of the rocks and wick up the water until it looks like a grit paste sitting on top. Kind of hard to describe.

It may work fine, it just looks totally different.
by liveoak
hummingbirdstones Avatar
Patty beautiful job on the cabs of Jimite.   8-)

I have one question, though.  How in the world, with all the equipment you have, do you not own an ultrasonic?   :o

Thanks, Robin.
I had quite a chuckle- I'm not sure, I guess an ultrasonic must have seemed too normal ?
I might have to re-think that.

Thanks also , and .
Jimite it is. :)


by mgroothuis
chris1956 Avatar
How long did you run it for?
This photo was taken just after I added the 3 tbsp. I hadn't run it yet.

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