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Welcome from Washington.
by Tommy
welcome from Napa!
by Jugglerguy
Thanks. It has over a million views on TikTok where it was also posted. I reported that a couple days ago, but so far nothing has been done. What a pain. Thanks again for letting me know.
by rockjunquie
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I just got my resinwheels last week. Nova 8k, 14k, 50k, and I also opted for a cerium resin wheel too. It's been a rough week with work and I've been too busy to use it, but will report back with results once they're broken in and I can finally finish the ones I've left on the dop in anticipation for this moment.

Ordered from Johnson Brothers and it took them nearly a week to ship it, but they were indeed the lowest price.
Those are the spin ons that I use, except I use 50k spray on leather. I didn't like the nova wheel. It never seemed to cut, but that could just be my impression and not fact. I use a squirt bottle to keep the wheels wet.

eta, I think you'll really like the 8k. It's a good transitional wheel to the higher ones. I always thought 3k to 14k was a bit of a leap.

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