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by fernwood
Cool rock. It sort of looks like Clear Creek plasma agate.
by fernwood
I like them all. Fav is the Priday with the horizontal orientation. It looks like mountains to me.
by aDave
Are you going through a lot of springs? I seem to recall that one of the caveats for moving the dowel is that it may cause more spring breakage. If you haven't moved it, perhaps the dowel needs to be moved to make the vibration a bit less harsh. It's actually pretty easy to do. All that is holding the dowel is hot glue, so that's easy to replace. If you do give it a shot, fill a barrel, put it in the frame as normal, and turn on the machine. With the machine running, I found it a bit easier to move the dowel and I could hear and see the difference as the dowel was moved to different spots. Once you get the dowel in place you like, simply turn off the machine and reapply the hot glue.
by aDave

They're all great, but that plume is absolutely amazing.  I don't think I've ever seen it before, but, then again, I don't get out much.  FWIW, I like the orientation in the second photo best.  For me, it just seems to flow rather nicely and looks somewhat scenic.  My first thought when I saw it is that it reminds me of old Japanese paintings.  Awesome...just awesome.

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