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by quartzilla
Congrats on the sales and gets both! By strange coincidence I also picked up a slab of cotton candy and some fluorescents from a show today but here in Ca. The chrysoprase is gorgeous!
by mohs
grass on the the mind P-)

Sunset out at the BigRockPile
Pretty good 360 views
CamelBack/Papago/ Tempe (thumbs-up)

Plus this area is right in the SkyHarborsFlight Path
This evening the planes were landing into the setting sun


Hard to resist a huge craft jetting
A couple hundred yards
above thy head
by hummingbirdstones
Very pretty!  I hope you're not fishing for compliments.  P-)
by hummingbirdstones
No worries, Nate.  I'm not THAT impatient! 

Ali it looks like it could be Paul Bunyan to me, too.  Congrats on the sales!

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mohs: muy bueno! Sept 25, 2021 9:34:11 GMT -5
mohs: Sept 25, 2021 9:34:37 GMT -5
rickb: (thumbs-up) Sept 25, 2021 9:54:02 GMT -5
mohs: should have named it MostlyTacoh's Sept 25, 2021 11:39:24 GMT -5 *
mohs: soft shell tostada Sept 25, 2021 11:42:21 GMT -5
rickb: So, I've been on the porch all afternoon cutting around 50 preforms with the Rock Rascal.
My supervisor stuck her head out the door and asked "Are those your new jeans?"
I replied "Probably." 30 mins. later, I'm now washing clothes.
Sept 25, 2021 15:50:26 GMT -5 *
mohs: tumbling some of those rocks... most likely Sept 25, 2021 15:56:11 GMT -5
mohs: uggghh I want go butte-- but it to bright Sept 25, 2021 15:58:23 GMT -5
1dave: When you've Got IT, Flaunt it! (thumbs-up) Sept 25, 2021 16:45:29 GMT -5 *
Wooferhound: The best way to get a Dogs Attention is to Ignore it Sept 25, 2021 16:50:22 GMT -5
amygdule: Are you Lonely ? Sept 25, 2021 18:14:17 GMT -5
mohs: most the rime...mostly Sept 25, 2021 18:27:50 GMT -5
mohs: sky's are clouding... mighty butte/\ Sept 25, 2021 18:29:22 GMT -5
amygdule: It's time to mow the lawn before it gets dark Sept 25, 2021 18:54:06 GMT -5
mohs: reel or rotary (rofl) Sept 25, 2021 18:55:38 GMT -5
amygdule: A real rotary powered by Gasoline Sept 25, 2021 18:58:12 GMT -5
mohs: master zenjerohs ... Sept 25, 2021 19:01:44 GMT -5
mohs: Sept 25, 2021 19:02:16 GMT -5
1dave: I CAME. I SAW. I fainted. Sept 25, 2021 20:42:13 GMT -5
rickb: Sept 25, 2021 20:50:17 GMT -5