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by jasoninsd
mirkee Avatar
I'm looking for a trim saw and have pretty much settled on the Hi-Tech 10".  I mostly tumble but I'll be taking a jewelry class starting in June also.  I generally pick up rocks here in Central Coast CA and the HT has a good wife acceptance rating, at least at my house.

Last time I bought a couple of tumblers I was able to get a coupon online somewhere which gave me a discount, maybe on additional stuff on the same order but I really don't remember. I'm old and nearly $1,000 for a saw is a lot of money.  I still think Levis should be $9.

Lastly, what do you think of the saw.

Thank you!

...that part made me chuckle!  LOL

This won't answer your questions...but I'm throwing it out there. I have been using an $80 wet tile saw (7") and a $400 wet tile saw (10" from Harbor Freight) for several years. I do KNOW the HT is a good machine...but I wanted to save a few bucks...and I've definitely gotten my money's worth out of them.

**If you REALLY want the HT, do NOT show your wife the above paragraph!  LOL
by glennz01
lapidary1234 Avatar
Wow, nice job! It always amazes me how folks can get away with skipping stages.

I've seen trim saws before set up so true that the guy could em right from the saw to a 1200 lap and they'd be shiny!

Here i am having trouble getting rid of scratches from my 220 hard wheel lol!

That was my issue so I swapped the 220 hard for 1k hard, never going back. 280 soft after 1k

I've seen saws that leave a hard rock looking polished after but Noone knows what blade will do that
by glennz01
Got 2 weeks left before I head back to my home so looking for other areas.
by jasoninsd
titaniumkid Avatar
The lemon chrysoprase looks like a glow-in-the-dark sticker... how to get kids into rocks starting with nighttime.

Thanks TK!  :)

I wish I could get the actual color of that darn thing to show up! I tried several different backgrounds for the picture...and it really is more "neon" in real-life!

I'm thinkin' you might be onto something with regards to getting kids into this!  LOL

chris1956 Avatar
They all look great but I keep looking at the Crazy Lace.   

Thanks Chris!  :)

I've zoomed in on the picture on my phone SO many times with that cab! There's SO much "micro" going on in that piece!  :)

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