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by van
Thanks to everyone for the comments and encouragement. I let the rocks tumble in stage 1 for 2 weeks. It might have been a bit too long for some but the majority of them looked great. Stage 2 tumble was 10 days. They were extremely smooth with no edges. I plan to leave them in the stage 3 prepolish for 10-14 days. So far so good. I added 1 fairly larger piece of Unikite when I started the small rock experiment, it looks amazing!! Thanks again!!!
by rockpickerforever
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Could this be the thread you are looking for?

U.P. / Northern Wisconsin stuff
We looked at that thread and it's not the one. Kind of hard with all the photos gone,  but if anyone can find it you probably can
Well, here's another one to look at, ER, not really, as the photos are missing  :( .  But it could be the one.  By the name of the thread you wouldn't think it would be a trip report.

by stardiamond
This is the final version:

This was not custom work. She may not buy either of the finished cabs. She likes the one with clear and will likely buy it after looking at the finished cab. She understands the fractures that are typical of Morgan Hill but her customers are wary. The slab for the larger one had a huge fracture so the first thing I did was cut the fracture line. It went about 1/2 inch away from the right line. The back and front have different patterns with the face chosen the best, but it may not be as nice after grinding. It is very solid. Both designs made good use of the material.
by alikat218
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The Rocks For Fun Cafe is in Marion, Wisconsin. He used to serve food but now only sells frozen pasties. Still worth a stop for a laugh and a delicious meal for later.

thanks for the reminder, I'll see if I can't scare up my thread from years ago.

Could this be the thread you are looking for?

U.P. / Northern Wisconsin stuff
We looked at that thread and it's not the one. Kind of hard with all the photos gone,  but if anyone can find it you probably can

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mohs: were on tight rope ride Aug 9, 2020 13:23:51 GMT -5
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So I took down his confederate flag.
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