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by gemfeller
: It works -- thanks for the help.
by gemfeller
I'm doing some videos of stones with my cell phone and want to see if I can post them here with this technique. This is a blue topaz cab I cut not too long ago. It weighs just over 34 ct. and measures approx. 15 x 22 x 9.5 mm.

by zsark72
I don't know how else to word that. I've been noticing a lot of the maps are just generally super outdated, and since private properties are getting tighter nowadays it'd be nice to find areas and better map them out for future use. I've been helping coordinate trips for the club that I'm in, and I think it'd be awesome to learn how to read the local area better. I've stumbled upon a lot of old maps and some newer ones and I have this lovely application called GAIA GPS and I think with all of that I'd be able to do this.

Here's a map I found and I have a couple prints of half of it but I think these would also be a great starting point. (this is a photo from online I'd like to add)

I've been having a lot of fun mapping out our rock spots and I think it would be great to try and update some of the more famous and local spots. However I'm still a rookie in more ways then one so any help would be very much appreciated, any tips, pointers, known day trips from Tehachapi, and thoughts anyone else has are welcome. This'll be a little project for me for who knows how long. I feel confident I can do it.
by LazerFlash
catskillrocks Avatar
, if you go to the "Forum Technical Help and Testing" there is a post that explains this. It is called "Tommy removed the quoted pictures". At least I think that this is what you were asking.

Ah... That makes sense, Don! Of course, there are ways around that, too. (whistle)

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